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Ramblings of an Academented Mind

Ren Gal's Journal

Paleoconservative Dancing Byzantine Gothess
30 August
I am:
a Byzantine Catholic with rich background in it and Roman Catholicism, gloriously crowned in marriage, mother of kidlets, a belly dancer, a lover of dance in many forms, a seamstress, a Woman who is happy to be female and feminine, a fan of good intellectuals, a despiser of half-assed intellectualism, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a lover of music, a conservative, a History nerd, a SCAdian known as Sa'ada al Kafilat al Matar al Mubarak, a goth, a mommy, Jesuit educated and survived it, Deutsch sprecherin, a little too intellectual sometimes for my own good, and a sensual experiencer of life.
Somethings of me and my life seem incompatible, but somehow it all works.

This journal is accessible to those on my live journal "friends list".

I have an Etsy store! at http://www.buildanapron.etsy.com that makes custom aprons for adults and kids.

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BOOBS!!! Not just for selling cars & beer anymore.
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